What We Do?

Over the years Myheaven has truly developed its range of products, from bedroom accessories to clothing we really have it all. There is a lot of history, planning and hard work that goes into each and every single product that appears in the shop.

Gorgeous European fabric and a passion for creating beautiful things are my foundation blocks upon which each product is crafted, with a sprinkle of magic of course ;)

My products may take longer to complete and send out, but trust me the extra wait is what shows how much thought and care is put into every individual project.

As the sole creator, planner and worker in myheaven, I can personally ensure that every product is meticulously designed, but I am also only human and the workload can be a bit straining sometimes.

But the extra wait also ensures that your products is always freshly made, as I order materials upon receiving an order, to make sure that my fabric doesn't lay around unused and collecting dust.

I am also introducing more and more vegan/eco materials into my range to really hit the criteria with all of my clients, and not only provide them with the best of the best but also help out the environment on the way :)

I encourage you to pursue our wide range of accessories, clothing and bundles that I promise will bring nothing more than joy, happiness and colour into your life :)